My name is Taylor.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in International & Cultural Studies focusing on the Middle East, with a minor in Sociology/Criminology focusing on Islamic terrorism.

I am the daughter of a former police officer, and have grown up around first responders and military personnel.

Since June 2007, I have provided training support for police officers, medical personnel, CERT civilian responders, and the US military.  I live in St. Louis, Missouri, but am able to travel where I am needed. I have supported training exercises in Missouri and multiple other states throughout the US.

As a scenario role player, I use my knowledge of cultures, religions, and languages (Spanish, Arabic, and American Sign Language), criminology and terrorism, and medical training and experiences to play a variety of characters. Live role players are much more effective than plastic rescue dummies with written tags, and give trainees a chance to put their skills to the test in active/reactive scenarios. My roles have included numerous injured victims in medical scenarios, non-English-speaking characters, hostages, panicked civilians, criminals, armed hostiles (including a suicide bomber), and more.

In addition to role playing, I have been a moulage (realistic “injury” makeup) artist since August 2008. Using moulage lets responders see what a wound looks like, get accustomed to blood and gore, and get hands-on practice in assessment and treatment. I have created “injuries” ranging from minor scrapes and bruises, to severe burns, impaled objects, and traumatic amputations.

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My resume and contact info are provided. There are also lists of the role playing and moulage makeup work that I have done, and photo galleries with pictures of my moulage creations and role playing scenarios.