Some photos of the roles that I have played in training scenarios.

The list of exercises that I’ve participated in and characters that I’ve played can be found under the “Role Playing Exercise List” tab.

Photos and information about my moulage makeup work can be found under the “Moulage Makeup List” and “Photos – Moulage” tabs.

Military Cultural/Language Training

(Playing the role of local Middle-Eastern civilians in a training exercise for the Army National Guard.)

“Red Flag Rescue” Air Force Pararescue Exercise

“Operation Red Flag Rescue”, formerly known as “Angel Thunder”, is the US military’s largest air combat, search & rescue, and personnel recovery exercise. It includes role players portraying “downed/injured pilot” survivors requiring rescue, non-combatant civilians, and OPFOR hostile enemy forces.

Law Enforcement Training

(Active shooter response, MACTAC terrorism response, Rescue Task Force, TEMS/TCCC/tactical medical, and Citizen’s Police Academy)

Medical Training 

(Trauma care, mass-casualty incident response, Army National Guard disaster response, and EMS educational video filming.)

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Training

(Civilians trained in disaster preparedness, small fire suppression, search & rescue, triage, and disaster medical treatment.)